Do Homemade Floral Centerpieces and Wreaths Sell Well at Craft Shows and Bazaars?

I absolutely love this winter centerpiece I created. I guess nobody felt the same way as it has never sold! For now, it is displayed in my dining room.


I wish the answer was yes, however the honest answer is sometimes.  I LOVE to create artificial flower arrangements and wreaths but I have to limit myself to how many I make each year. Why? Well for one thing, if they don’t sell, I will have a house full of floral arrangements as they can be difficult to store (without ruining them).  Also, depending on when you buy them, artificial flowers can be expensive. So making a lot of arrangements can be costly, so I try to plan a flower budget and stick to it!

Simple fall arrangement made with earth tones.

Now don’t get me wrong, I DO sell several arrangements every year. However, you can never predict what people will be in the mood to buy.  Also, you never know how many other people will be selling arrangements and wreaths. If you have a lot of competition, you may not sell as many as you would like.

A few years ago I sold out of all the fall and Thanksgiving arrangements I made. I was so happy! So what do you think I did? I made twice as many the next year…and guess what, I sold ONLY ONE!  That was a bummer. What is popular one year, may not be popular the next. I learned this lesson the hard way!

I always take photos of each floral arrangement and wreath that I make. Once the pictures are printed, I put them in a photo book. I take this book with me to all of my craft shows and bazaars so that people can look through it and if they wish, place a special order. This is a lot easier then trying to estimate how many wreaths and arrangements I think will actually sell. Not to

mention, it is also much more cost effective! Of course, you should always have several on display so that people can see your work up close and personal! Well, this post is short but sweet…if I do say so myself! If you have any questions, please feel free to fill out the contact form or leave a comment! Thanks for stopping by and as always, HAPPY CRAFTING!

My craft show display two years ago. I sold several fall flower arrangements.

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