Football Birthday Party Ideas! How to Create an AWESOME Football Tablescape!

Mini footballs and pom poms for the kids that attended the party!

Hello! Today I am writing about how to create the perfect football themed tablescape for your child’s football birthday party! Football themed birthday parties are not only fun, they are easy to plan as well! I am a huge fan of the “at home” birthday party. Yes, it might be easier to go to Chuck E.  Cheese but once you realize that it is possible to actually SAVE money and throw a great birthday party at home, you might just change your tune! Oh, and one other thing, you don’t have to be Martha Stewart or a craft expert to put together a super cute party!

The Theme

Wait…what? We already know the theme…FOOTBALL!! However, you must decide if your party is going to be a “general” football party or theme specific. In other words, if your child absolutely LOVES the Baltimore Ravens, then you might consider throwing a NFL Ravens party using the colors black, purple, white and gold. If they love the Dallas Cowboys, then you would use royal blue, silver and white. Anyway, I’m sure you get the point. In this case, I am throwing a non team specific party using the colors brown, green, orange and white.

Football Party Tablescape
I know I explained what a tablescape is in a previous post, however, for you first time visitors I will explain it again. A tablescape is simply the aesthetic layout of a banquet or party table. Tablescapes usually have a table covering of some sort, a centerpiece, linens (or paper napkins), plates, utensils and of course, decorations!

A fun football birthday party tablescape! Perfect for a boy or girl!

As you can see in the picture (to the left), I found football shaped plates, a table covering that resembles a football field, and even football shaped confetti that I sprinkled all over the table to add some sparkle and shine. My centerpiece was a cupcake stand filled with chocolate cupcakes that were decorated with green icing (think grass) and football rings. I made the cupcakes from scratch and piped on the icing. I also found football napkins and a football treat dispenser (which I filled with M&Ms). While shopping on-line at one of my favorite discount party stores, I found some inexpensive green pom poms. These were also used to decorate the table and were a perfect addition for the girls that attended the party. Finally, to complete my tablescape, I purchased a bag full of miniature footballs and football party hats…both of which were a hit among the kids.

Me being silly in a football hat I found at the DOLLAR STORE!!!

So there you have it! A super fun football themed birthday party tablescape! Now wasn’t that easy? When shopping for birthday party supplies please remember…the dollar store is your friend! You might be surprised at the little gems you will find.  Also, online shopping can also save you a lot of money (if you have time it is a good idea to comparison shop!).  Well that’s it for now. Thank you for stopping by and as always HAPPY CRAFTING!

A cool football M&M dispenser. My nephew still has it sitting on his dresser (the M&Ms are long gone).

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