Make Fun Easter Treat Jars Using Chalky Paint and Supplies from the Dollar Store!

Easter Jar Craft Project!

HELP!!! I’ve gone Easter craft crazy! Yes, I will admit, I have been posting a lot about Easter lately…but hey, it is that time of year. Can you blame me? With that being said, you might be happy to hear that this is my last Easter craft post for a while. I am going to try to restrain myself from all things bunny and egg related.  It’s going to be difficult…but I’ll do my best. Yesterday I posted an adorable and simple Easter treat jar project.  Today I have another jar related Easter craft to tell you about! However, this one involves the dollar store and chalky paint (two of my favorite things!).

Americana Decor Creme Wax

Over time, I have collected all types of jars. If there is a really good sale I will stock up and store them in my craft room. Sometimes, I come across a unique jar that I just have to have. Since my collection is taking up a lot of shelf space, I decided I would try my hand at another jar project. I purchased several ceramic Easter shapes at the dollar store and painted them with chalk paint.  I am always amazed at the stuff I find at the dollar store. I love taking inexpensive items (such as the ceramic shapes) and turning them into something awesome. Anyway, once the chalky paint was dry, I used a cloth to apply some cream wax over each shape. This will protect the ceramic and keep it from chipping (hopefully!). Once I was finished with the ceramic pieces, I then painted the jar lids (I also put a small amount of wax on the lids as well). If you are not familiar with the wax process but would like to learn more, please click HERE!

Small ceramic Easter figures I purchased from the Dollar Store.

Painting a ceramic egg with pastel blue chalky paint.

Easter Treat Jars

Once all of the painting was done, I turned my attention to the paper portion of this project. I went through all of my scrapbook paper and found coordinating colors and patterns that would go well with each jar. I then traced the jar lids onto the paper and cut out the circles (the circles were different sizes depending on the jar – see pictures). I then used matte finish decoupage glue (better known as Mod Podge) to adhere the circles to the lids. Using  Mod Podge will protect the paper and also make it more durable.  Once all of the glue was completely dry, I then used Quick Grip (fast drying glue) to attach the ceramic figures to each lid (see pictures). I know that some of the figures don’t look as if they are glued on very well…but trust me, they aren’t going anywhere. The final touch was to add bows and of course, fill each one with candy!

I am really pleased at how these Easter jars turned out. I think these little jars would also make wonderful party favors (the yellow duck reminds me of a baby shower).  I can’t wait to see what ceramic figures the dollar store sells at Christmas (these would probably sell well at craft shows!). Well, that’s it for now! Please send me a message if you have any questions! As always, thanks for stopping by and HAPPY CRAFTING!!

Treat jar made with a ceramic bunny from the dollar store.

Easter treat jar filled with pastel blue kisses!


An easy and fun Easter craft!

This pastel yellow duck jar would make a great baby shower favor!

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