A Fun, Inexpensive and Easy Easter Craft Project Using Jars from Michaels Craft Store!

Small glass jars from Michaels Craft Store. They were only $1 for a set of two.

Hello there my peeps!!  Sorry, I couldn’t resist! If you can’t tell, I’m in an Easter kind of mood. Today I made some Easter treat jars that are simply adorable (and very simple to make). I found some really cute glass jars at Michaels the other day. They have bright colored tops and come in a pack of two. The best part is….wait for it….they were only $1. I just love a crafty bargain. Anyway, I decided to dress up the jars with some simple Easter decorations and fill them with candy.

Time to Get Out the Cutting Machine!

You have to be extra careful when applying the vinyl as it can wrinkle quite easily!

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out some self adhesive vinyl Easter shapes. I am new to the world of vinyl crafts but trust me, I am learning fast! If you don’t have a cutting machine, regular stickers would also work. In fact, if you are doing this craft with a child, I recommend using stickers (much easier!). Once I cut out the vinyl shapes that I wanted to use…I simply stuck them on the jars. Thank goodness vinyl is very forgiving as getting the shapes on the jars straight was quite challenging. Once all of the vinyl was in place, I simply filled the jars with candy and added some bows. That’s it! When I said this craft was easy…I meant it!

So that’s it for now! If you have any questions or comments, please send me a message! As always, thanks for stopping by and HAPPY CRAFTING!

PS: Don’t you think these would also make adorable baby shower favors!

Jars from Michaels.

These small jars were only $1 per set.

Add a bow to that bunny jar!

Use stickers instead of vinyl to make this Easter craft kid friendly!

An easy Easter craft using small jars from the craft store.

A sweet Easter gift!

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