What is Washi Tape and Where did it Originate?

Washi tape comes in many different patterns and colors!

My niece introduced me to washi tape a few years ago. She wanted some for Christmas as it was the “in” thing to decorate stuff with. At first I thought washi tape and masking tape were the same thing. However, in the United States, there is a difference between the masking tape you find at Home Depot versus the tape you purchase from a craft store. Washi tape was first manufactured in Japan and is made from natural fibers such as rice paper or bamboo.

A Tiny Bit of Tape History

In 2006, a Japanese tape manufacturing company by the name of Kamoi Kakosi developed colorful rolls of masking tape (a total of 20 different colors). The tape was such a success, they decided to expand further and also create tape in different sizes and patterns. As you can imagine, it was a hit among artists, crafters and even teachers. In Japan, washi tape and masking tape are the same thing (who knew tape could be so confusing). They call it “mt”….which is obviously short for masking tape. Only when the tape became popular in other countries did it inherit the name washi.

Pink and gold washi tape clothespin magnets!

Washi tape is a lot of fun to use and you can create so many beautiful things! You can write on it, tear it, and if necessary, re-stick it! Choosing which tape to use is my favorite part as it comes in so many beautiful colors, patterns and sizes. When you go to the craft store to purchase washi tape be aware that there are many different types of tape available. Be sure to read the packaging carefully so you purchase exactly what you want. Last week I thought I purchased some washi tape only to find out it was fabric tape (there is also “generic” craft tape).
If you want to see some of the amazing things people have made using washi tape please visit Pinterest. Pinterest is a great place to get ideas and trust me when I say there are hundreds of washi tape projects to check out! I made some clothespin magnets with washi tape last week and I am very happy with the outcome (see pictures below).  I plan on stocking my booth with them…so I hope they sell! Personally, I think they make great little stocking stuffers. Well that’s it for now!! As always, thank you for stopping by and HAPPY CRAFTING!

Sweet pink magnets made with washi tape.

This is fabric tape (which I love!!).

This is a box of CRAFT TAPE not washi tape! So confusing!

Clothespin Magnets

Adorable magnets made with washi tape and embellishments.

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