Decorate a Miniature Christmas Tree with Rabbit Ornaments!

Ornaments for the rabbit themed miniature Christmas tree!

For some reason, I love rabbits. I don’t actually have a rabbit (I think my two cats would go nuts) however I do think they are small balls of adorable, fluffy cuteness! Over the years I have picked up many “rabbit things” that make me happy. For example, I have a candle holder shaped like a rabbit, a decorative rabbit pillow and some rabbit art work hanging on my walls. I could go on…but I think you know where I’m going with this. A few years ago, I was online checking out some after Christmas sales and just happen to come across some white and silver glass rabbit ornaments. I found them on Martha Stewart’s website and couldn’t believe how inexpensive they were. I guess Martha was tired of rabbits cause she was practically giving these bunnies away! I can’t remember exactly how much they were…but trust me, they were cheap. I bought several boxes of ornaments and stored them in my basement…and that’s where they sat…for three years. This year, I decided it was time to set the bunnies free and buy a small, live Christmas tree just for them.

Martha Stewart Glass Rabbit Ornaments

As you can see by the picture…I have a lot of bunnies. That’s what happens when you find an awesome after Christmas sale. Aren’t they cute? Anyway, I purchased a small pine tree at the grocery store (it was only $20..complete with stand) and placed it on the small table in my kitchen. I figured it would look nice in the front window and also bring some Christmas spirit into the room. I used a tablecloth that I already had and a set of lights from last year. The lights do blink slowly…which is fine with me…but my husband says they drive him nuts. Don’t worry, he will survive.

Bunny Rabbit Themed Miniature Christmas Tree

The vision I had in my mind for this tree was a winter (and obviously rabbit) theme. I used mostly white, silver, different shades of blue and of course, glitter. I wanted it to have a cool, icy feel…and i think I succeeded. I had so much fun decorating this miniature bunny tree and it didn’t take long at all. I get a happy, cozy feeling when I think of baking Christmas cookies as the tree really does add a special ambiance to the room.

Have you ever had a Christmas tree in your home that is decorated with a particular theme? If so, tell me about it in the comments section! I would love to hear from you. Also, if you know of someone that is unable to decorate a tree (due to health or other issues) small, tabletop trees are perfect. I am going to pick up a tree for my elderly neighbor this weekend and decorate it for her. I know she will be thrilled! Thanks for stopping by and as always, HAPPY CRAFTING…or in this case DECORATING! Please take a moment to enjoy the rest of the pictures below!




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