Miniature Christmas Trees Are Craft Show Best Sellers!

Hello and thanks for stopping by! Today’s topic is miniature Christmas trees. Every year I try to come up with a new and exciting craft to make and sell at craft shows. One of the reasons I do this is because it is always nice to have new items to show your customers. This is especially important if you have returning customers. You know, the ones that love your stuff so much they come back time and time again. If they see the same thing year after year, eventually they will stop coming…and that would be bad for business. Another reason I do this is because I get bored making the same stuff over and over again. So I guess you could say I create new things to keep myself sane!

A few years ago I decided to purchase some tiny pine trees online. When I say tiny…I mean six, eight and nine inches tall. Obviously, these little trees are not meant to replace your main Christmas tree. They are simply decorative pieces for your home or desk at work. The first year I only made a couple of mini trees. I wanted to see if they actually sold before I made a bunch of them. Well my crafty friends…people LOVED them (within a hour, they were all gone). Needless to say, I now make mini trees each and every year and they always sell out!

Mini Tree Decorations
So what exactly do I put on my mini trees that makes them so special? Well, first of all, most of the trees have a theme. The best selling trees are decorated with snowmen, red birds, dogs or cats (people really love animal stuff). Each one has homespun ribbon tied around some of the branches and an assortment of other miniature decorations such as bells and buttons (I am always on the lookout for tiny things online and at craft stores!). As for the previously mentioned snowmen, birds, dogs and cats…I hand paint each one. I buy small, unfinished wood shapes online (usually in bulk) and then I spend hours painting. It does get a bit tedious as I need to paint six to eight mini shapes for each tree (depending on the size).  Honestly, I think I could paint snowmen and dog bones in my sleep!

Painting dog bones for mini Christmas trees.

Glue and Glitter

When I first started making miniature Christmas trees, I tried out many different types of glue. Regular glue such as Elmers didn’t work because it dries WAY TOO SLOW!! It would take FOREVER to simply make one tree. My favorite fast drying glue is called Quick Grip. I love this stuff! It dries fast and is super strong (you don’t want stuff falling off…that would make your customers sad). If I’m in the mood for glitter, I will use spray glue on my trees BEFORE they are decorated. I simply spray on a light coat and then throw some very fine glitter above the tree…just enough to add a touch of sparkle. I often add a touch of fine glitter to my painted wood shapes as well ( I do this during the varnishing process).

If you are feeling creative this holiday season…why not make a mini tree! If you don’t have time to paint, simply buy mini shapes that are already painted. Trust me, the craft stores are loaded with all sorts of miniatures right now.

These little trees are a lot of fun to make. Last year, one person bought ten trees to give to her friends as gifts. It makes me feel good knowing that people enjoy the crafts that I create. I love making people happy. If you have any questions…please send me an email or leave a comment…and as always, HAPPY CRAFTING!

PS: There is a store named Sadie May that is having a drawing for a free miniature tree. It is a store that sells fun and unique pet items. Check it out!

Up close photo of dog themed miniature tree.

People love miniature Christmas trees decorated with dogs.

If you look closely, you can see the mini trees! They sold out quickly!




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