Using Unfinished Miniature Wood Shapes in Craft Projects

Yes, it is true, I am addicted to miniature wooden craft shapes (maybe it is because they are so tiny and cute!). When I first found these unfinished wood shapes I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with them. However, in no time at all, my crafty mind was working overtime (I am a geek like that).  Truth be told, there are many ways to incorporate miniature wooden shapes into your craft projects. Usually, I like to browse Pinterest to come up with new craft ideas. However, sometimes, I like to be original and see what I can come up with on my own. Thankfully, there are many different types of shapes…therefore, the crafting possibilities are endless.

Time to Paint! 

Painting a mini reindeer!

Painting mini craft shapes is simple. You can either paint them one solid color or get creative and add details. If you are an experienced decorative (tole) painter then the skies the limit!  It really all depends on the project that you are working on. I am a huge fan of both gingerbread people and snowmen so I enjoy painting and using these shapes the most. It also doesn’t hurt that snowmen and gingerbread items are big sellers at craft shows (people LOVE their snowmen!). I almost always use acrylics (such as Americana) when painting wooden shapes, however, I have been known to get crazy and use chalky paint every now and again ( I live on the wild side). Both are great but acrylic paint is usually what I prefer. Oh, before I forget…Allure Design Adhesive Puffy Paint is great for icing gingerbread men! It adds dimension to your project and…well…just looks cool!

Pins, Ornaments & Magnets

Miniature shapes made into pins and magnets.

I love to use miniature wooden shapes to make pins, Christmas ornaments and magnets. All of these items sell well at shows. I also use the shapes to decorate miniature pine trees. My home made mini trees are always a hit! People simply love the trees that are decorated with miniature dog bones, snowmen, gingerbread cookies and red birds. I have made many different projects using tiny shapes. In fact, I’d be here all day if I listed them all!

Snowman Mini Shape Pin

If you like to paint and create why not buy some miniature wooden craft shapes and see what you come up with. These tiny shapes would also be perfect for craft projects aimed towards children. Well, that’s it for now! Don’t forget to look at all of the awesome pictures (I painted all of the shapes in each photo). Thanks for stopping by and as always, HAPPY CRAFTING!



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