A Fun Decoupage Idea – DIY Christmas Ornaments!

Decoupage project idea - Reindeer Ornament for ChristmasHey there! Today I thought I would share with you one of this years best selling craft items. Can you guess what it is? Oops…I guess you can if you read the title of this post! Silly me. Anyway, I participated in several craft shows and almost sold out of all the decoupage Christmas ornaments that I made. A few years ago I tried to sell decoupage ornaments at a craft fair and I couldn’t pay people to take them. Just goes to show you NEVER know what people will like from one year to the next. It is always a good idea to keep your display fresh and new so that your customers will come back. Anyway…I decided to make some new decoupage Christmas ornaments this year and I’m glad I did.

Making your own decoupage Christmas ornaments is actually rather easy. I will warn you that there are many steps in the entire process, however, I think the finished product is worth the time invested. I start out with blank, unfinished wood shapes of various sizes. There are many places you can buy wood shapes but my two favorites are Amazon and a website called Build A Cross. Build A Cross offers not only wood shapes but many other unfinished wood products as well. I have always had a good experience with them and they often have really good sales. Of course, you can also buy wood shapes at Michaels, AC Moore, and other craft stores.

Getting Started

The first thing I do is paint the back of each piece of wood. You should always paint the back because if you don’t…it will look unfinished. I usually use acrylic paint or chalk paint…both are acceptable. Also, I try to coordinate the paint color with the paper that I will be using on the front of the ornament (looks really nice). Once the backs are painted I take them outside and spray them with a matte varnish. Doing this will protect the paint over time. Once the varnish is dry, I simply pick out the paper that I want to use, trace the ornament and then cut out the shape. Next, line up the paper on top of the ornament (it will over-lap) and adhere it to the wood with decoupage glue…wait for it to dry. Once dry, simply cut away the excess paper using an X-ACTO knife. Do your best to cut away all of the paper that hangs over the edge of the ornament. This can be tricky and may take some practice. If you wish, you can LIGHTLY sand the edges of the ornament in order to remove any tiny bits of paper. If you do this…you might need to grab your paint and touch up some areas. Oh, before I forget, it would be a good idea to place an old cutting board under your ornament when you cut away the paper as you don’t want to ruin the surface underneath.

Once the paper is glued to the wood shape and you have cut away all excess paper…the next step it to apply at least two coats of decoupage glue on top of the paper. Allow each coat to dry before adding another. You can use either a matte or gloss finish…whichever you prefer. If you wish, you can add an embellishment or two to your ornament. I like to dress my decoupage ornaments up…so I always add a ribbon or some sort of miniature shape. Finally, you can adhere a piece of ribbon to the back of the ornament by using a button (see picture) or you can drill holes in the ornament and insert some wire to make a hanger. If you do decide to drill…you will most likely have to sand the front of the ornament where the holes are. SAND LIGHTLY so that you don’t mess the ornament up. It is best to use a low grit sand paper (they sell these online and at craft shops).

I also made some simple Disney decoupage ornaments! Aren’t they cute?!

I warned you…this decoupage project idea has many steps…but don’t you think the finished ornaments look nice? If you have any questions, please go to the contact page or simply leave a message in the comment section! Thanks for stopping by and as always, HAPPY CRAFTING!Decoupage project idea - Reindeer Ornament for ChristmasBird Decoupage Project Idea for Christmas

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