DIY Craft Project – Snowman & Angel Candle Holders

Snowman and Angel DIY Candle Holders Craft ProjectAren’t these tea light candle holders simply adorable?! Not only are they easy to make…they sell really well at craft shows (I always sell out!). If you want to make these country snowmen and angel candle holders you will need to buy the pattern and the unfinished wood. Both the snowman and the angel come in the same packet (two patterns for one – what a bargain). You can find the patterns on a website called Bee’in Creative with MIS. I have purchased several patterns from this website and really love the designer. Her patterns are easy to follow and in my opinion, great for beginners. Even if you don’t consider yourself a crafty person…you will be able to master these two projects. Each pattern comes with complete instructions and a list of materials that you will need (including paint colors). The pattern is located in the “Winter” section on the website (see menu on left side).

snowman candle holder unfinished wood pieces

Unfinished Wood for Snowman Candle Holders

Now, onto the unfinished wood pieces you will need in order to make these adorable DIY tea light candle holders. If you are familiar with cutting out wood shapes and have the correct tools…by all means…cut your own wood! My husband purchased me a tabletop saw from Home Depot several years ago and I am still learning how to use it. Since I am not confident in my wood cutting skills (yet) I still purchase most of the wood I need for craft projects online. For this particular project, I bought the wood I needed from The Wood Shop in WV. A really nice lady by the name of Mindy owns The Wood Shop and does all of the wood cutting herself. If you don’t want to order wood online, do a google search for woodworkers in your area or visit the craft store. You may not be able to find the exact wood pieces you need…but hey…it’s ok if your project is a little different!

Craft project patterns are awesome (you can find them all over the internet). Even though I love buying patterns and supporting other crafters…I find that the projects I end up liking the most come from my own imagination. In fact, even when I am following a pattern, I often find myself changing a few things along the way (I just can’t help myself). So pattern or no pattern…as long as I am crafting and being creative, I am happy! Thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions please send me a message via the contact page and as always, HAPPY CRAFTING!

All of the candle holders in the pictures below were made by me. Love them! DIY candle holders on display at the craft showEasy to make country snowman wood candle holdersadorable diy snowman tealight candle holder made of wood


The middle snowman is not included in the above mentioned pattern (but he’s still cute!).

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